COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Currently ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) pandemic has brought tumultuous times to the whole of humanity. It has also changed the day to day life and also has heralded long term changes in the personal, social, and professional lives of people.

We at Voxel CBCT can imagine the concerns you may have as a visiting patient or as a prescribing practitioner.

Team Voxel CBCT takes pride in reassuring all its patrons that we maintain a high level of
infection control and occupational safety standards regardless of the pandemic. However,
since the outbreak of this pandemic, the team Voxel has made sincere efforts to expand
their knowledge. It adheres to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO),
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) – Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Dental Council of India (DCI) to minimize the chances of transmission of the disease.

These guidelines are checked daily for the latest updates, and the changes and
improvements suggested are implemented without any delay.
How do we reduce the chances of infection?

  • The Operatory :

a) Voxel CBCT centre boasts a floor area of over 1000 sq ft with sufficient seating
arrangements with social distancing for waiting patients.

b) Appointments can be scheduled in advance by contacting the centre which will
help minimize the waiting time in the operator,

c) Meticulous cleaning of the patient area, floor and equipment with appropriate
hygiene chemicals as per the guidelines. Mopping with These chemicals is carried
out every few hours, and the records are maintained for reference

d) Daily fumigation of the operatory after the patient hours using sterigen cold

e) Ultraviolet lights are installed in all the sections of our centre, and they run non-
stop throughout the non-working hours

  • The Patients :

a) Each patient scheduled for a scan(s) will be requested to fill and sign a self-
declaration form regarding contact, travel and symptoms & history.

b) Thermal scanning of the patients using a contactless thermometer

c) All patients will perform hand hygiene as per WHO recommendations.

d) Patient’s personal barrier will be further enhanced by requiring them to wear
shoe covers, disposable gloves, facemask, and head caps for their duration in the

  • Minimizing contact :

a) We encourage minimum handling and exchange of articles, papers, envelopes,
discs etc. between patients, personnel at Voxel CBCT and prescribing

b) Payments using contactless Debit/Credit Cards or digital transfer apps like UPI,
Google Pay and Paytm is preferred over cash transactions

c) Reports and scan data will be shared directly to the email IDs of patients and
practitioners and physical films, booklets, and reports are discouraged.

” These preventive measures adopted by our clinic will be updated and improved
instantly whenever there is a modification in guidelines by competent public health