2 D Imaging – It is a 2D representation of a 3-dimensional structure

3 D Imaging – It is a 3-dimensional detailed view of Oral & Maxillofacial structure wherein image all the structures are seen in a spatial 3 D arrangement in a detailed view and in all orthogonal planes.


Cone-beam computed tomography refers to CT systems in which the beam projected by the X-ray source is in the shape of a cone, wide enough to radiate either all or a significant part of the region of interest. This results in capturing the entire volume in one go without image magnification.


  • Low exposure: exposure is approximately 10 times lesser than the conventional CT
  • Ease of doing: The patient is made to stand in the gantry. The procedure is quick and simple.
  • Zero magnification:
  • Volume acquisition with 3D reconstruction.