A proper diagnosis is a key to a successful treatment

Arriving at an accurate diagnosis is not merely based on symptoms and clinical findings, it has to be appended by relevant investigations. In this age of technology, the clinicians must make its best possible use to understand the disease and provide their patients with the treatment best suited to them.

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an advanced scanning technique to assist a dental surgeon in the diagnosis and treatment planning.

The young and experienced Oral & Maxillofacial radiologists at Voxel CBCT make a dynamic team which has the vision to provide a better service to our doctors and the community. We focus on meticulous analysis and detailed study of investigations while formulating a diagnosis or treatment plan.

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Patient's Testimonials

  • Manas Mudgal
    The service was very quick and the rates of the scan are the cheapest in town with the best quality scan Best OPG centre in Indore
    Manas Mudgal
  • Amit Singh
    Better cbct scan and there are very carefully take scan and give me a better report. I am very happy to scan in voxel cbct thanks
    Amit Singh
  • Manish Budhauliya
    Dentium's Central India's 1st CBCT in Indore with a commitment of premium image quality and patient satisfaction.
    Manish Budhauliya
  • Saurabh Jain
    Very good service and ambience, staff is very cooperative and cleanly maintained Best opg centre in Indore
    Saurabh Jain